Found this on Facebook. I should distribute this amongst my friends and also let them know that I am an introvert (with practised social skills). It would probably make my life a lot less stressful!



Transfer #4: thaw cycle

I’ve turned into one of those people who become a blubbering mess every time I speak to the IVF staff. Seriously. Well, ok, not every time. But every time I get some news, I have a cry. I’ve noticed this happening for awhile now.

So the lab called me this morning to tell me that of the 6 embryos frozen and tested, 3 came back good (as in, didn’t inherit the condition) and 2 of them didn’t pick up any chromosomal abnormalities. The other one did, which means that it definitely would not implant even if we tried. The lab doctor mentioned that the 2 good embryos also have a higher than average chance of implantation, because they tested free from¬†chromosomal abnormalities. I take that to mean higher than a 30% chance, which is the usual number quoted.

Anyway, the tears spilled after that phone call. I was in a little meeting room at work, back turned to the glass walls, so no one could see me. Rang hubby, and he must’ve thought it was bad news because I was crying hard by this stage!

After that I rang the nurses, they’ve set me ¬†up in the system for transfer. I rang the doctor’s office and got booked in for a 7:15am scan tomorrow morning (my day 1 was 9 days ago, so it’s time for my pre-ovulation scan). Then a couple of hours later the doctor gave me a call to confirm the results and for a quick chat.

It’s all happening very quickly! My fingers are still crossed. Let’s see what happens.

No news?

No news is good news? Although I got some news. I rang the doctor today to get an update on the testing, but we’re still a couple of days away. I told him we’re trying to decide whether to book in for our transfer this cycle or next cycle, so he said he’d chase it up again tomorrow. And can I just mention, not that you know him or anything, he was returning my call even though he’d left the office for the day. I know I don’t normally do that!

So, then for more news. The doc then went into a bit about the embryos we had. The 3 x day 5 embryos are all blasties. One of the day 6 embies is a hatching blastie! The other 2 x day 6 embies are not quite blasties, but the doc rated the whole group of 6 embies as being from good to excellent.

That’s the good news.

The other news, or lack of news rather, means that we don’t know if we can use any of them yet.


We wait some more.

Fingers crosssed!

It’s my favourite number?

So of the 23 eggs they managed to biopsy and freeze 3 x day five embryos and 3 x day six embryos. That’s 6 in total. I was hoping for 10+. That might sound greedy and overly optimistic, but it’s what I wanted.

The last time we managed to biopsy 6 embryos was when I had my first cycle. Of those, 4 were affected and the 2 we had leftover for transfer were of so low quality that they suggested that we transfer both at the same time as they were unlikely to survive a thaw cycle. Neither took, obviously.

Anyway, so I have 6 waiting for results. It’s not a surprising that I didn’t get 10+ considering I’ve been averaging even lower numbers from my previous cycles. So it’s just a sit and wait scenario now.

I can call up on my next day 1 to start planning for a transfer. Although last I did that we had to cancel the transfer because the one embryo we had was affected.

I haven’t asked this yet, but now I will: when is it going to happen for me???!!

Feeling ok

Watching Parks and Rec, had a 4 hour nap earlier today and had an OPU prior to that – 23 eggs collected!

People are saying “what a great number”, but we had 17 once before and that turned out to be a complete dud.

Anyway, just chillaxing now. I seem to have recovered well enough. At least it’s 2 days off work plus the weekend.

So all embryos (however many there will be) will be frozen this time around. Fingers crossed that we get more than zero embryos – not being trying to be melodramatic here! And yeah – we’ll see!