Got 2, statistically speaking…

Ok, we got 2 embryos. Statistically, that’s a great number. But I still had a mini cry when the lab called to tell me, coz I wanted 6 embryos. Or 8. Or 10. You get the gist.

We’ll go back a couple of steps. We collected 15 eggs, 8 fertilised, only 2 made it to day 5, but then we did the carrier map testing and not only were they both genetic defect free, they both had normal chromosomes. So we’ve been lucky 🙂

Sigh, but of course it doesn’t end there. Now we need to get them to implant. And, well, clearly we’ve never been able to get one to implant, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. So with these magical genetic defect free and normal embryos, we’re meant to have a roughly 60% chance of them implanting… Our previous 2 transfers were also done with these magical embryos, so statistically speaking we should have a pregnancy with either of these embryos…

And statistically, I’m quickly approaching that age where your fertility enters into rapid decline. I think once I hit that age, we’ll stop trying. I mean, I don’t want every possible factor stacked against me. And I know people have babies at all ages, but I don’t want to be old when my kids are just young.

Then there’s the whole starting a new job in a week, on a 2 year fixed term contract. If I get pregnant within the next 6 weeks, that would be awesome! But then I’d be less inclined to take extra time off with baby #2 given that I’ve only got 2 years on the contract. But that’s speculating about something that I don’t even know if is happening, so I need to stop that.

And we’ve decided to move house… again! One of the houses we had been looking at, but decided not to buy, went 25% above the advertised price at auction. WTF?!

Don’t forget upcoming Christmas – the MIL has already gone nuts. As in, nuttier than usual. Yesterday I confused her by suggesting that I make sausage rolls and mini pizzas for Christmas so that I didn’t have to keep eating her salads. She got confused as I’m vegan and she truly believes that vegans only eat vegetables and fruit. Told her that the sausage rolls that I served up at todsy’s party were vegan. Her response was, “but I ate heaps of those, I thought they were meat.”

Anyway, I’m just trying to stay calm and relaxed. Part of achieving that involves avoiding family, which is just hard to do at this time of year.

Bit of a rambles this post.

Peace out!






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