Transfer #5: 3dpo

So my transfer is on Friday, but I’m not thinking about it too much – honestly. I mean, thoughts on it are always hovering, but I’m not obsessing about it.

I have adopted a somewhat negative attitude. Negative but outcome focused? I’m assuming that it’s not going to work. And so I’ve been thinking about my next career move. I’ve been staying in my current job, which is less than satisfying, mostly to keep my maternity leave benefits. That’s three years of doing a crappy job because I keep expecting to fall pregnant. It hasn’t been a terrible job, but not one that I would put up with for this long under normal circumstances.

Anyway, as much as I’ve somewhat ignoring the impending transfer, I can’t escape the side effects of Pregnyl! I’m such a grumpy sh*t at the moment. I whinge non-stop. I feel tired. And I feel quick to anger and flat all at the same time 😐

At least it’s one more day of work. Then I’m taking all of Friday off. And we have a public holiday on Monday. Counting down!!


3 thoughts on “Transfer #5: 3dpo

  1. You sound just like me talking! Ugh this journey is tough I stayed in my job 3 years longer than I should for the same reason. Good luck for transfer mate!!! Thinking of you ☺️ I just had my #4 frostie put in on tues so we all keep waiting! Don’t worry bout being grumpy and flat, we understand. The side effects suck major balls xxx


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