Back on track

Ok, on my next Day 1 I will call the PDG nurses to start my next (and 5th) IVF cycle.

I went to see the Doc today to get my hysteroscopy test results. She asked, “Want to see some pictures?”

I said, “Um, ok,” and then sat there with an eww expression on my face for the next couple of minutes. The one-sided conversation went a bit like this, “That’s your uterus, that’s just a bit of fluffy stuff, that’s normal. That’s your cervix, looking good. Those are the entries to your fallopian tubes.”

I wonder if I ever chose to work in the medical field if I’d get over seeing, what I consider to be, gross pictures. We’ll never know! Because I don’t plan on trying it out!

The Doc also did then tell me that my blood tests came back with some irregularities that she can ignore. Fertility wise, it sounds fine, she’s going to give me blood thinners for my next post-FET (more daily injections!). General health wise, she’s referred me to go see a specialist physician.


Another doctor to see!

Meanwhile, still waiting on the geneticist to call us in with bubsy to swab his cheeks!

But all in all, we’re doing well. Since our last failed round, we’ve adopted a different attitude to everything. Attitude now is more or less, we’re going to have a baby sooner or later, who cares when it happens, in the meantime we just have to keep moving on with life. Hence, we’ve bought a new house, just booked a holiday (a family one! As in, my parents and my brother’s family! Yeep!) and I’m pursuing a promotion at work again with renewed vigour!

Life is good!


Bobbing pineapples

I did something bad. I don’t know how bad. The only people that it will affect though is just me and hubby.

So, I’ve seen a few twins pop up on the IVF blogosphere, so now I’ve got it in my head that we will be having twins. Girl twins. I know, I know, stupid! But it’s just something to pass the time with. I mean, I could find something else to keep me preoccupied, but I’ve decided on this. Or it chose me. Whatever.

Anyway, so I came up with a cool name that I just knew hubby would love. I told him last night. He thinks that it’s totally ace! And then I said, but what if we have twins? And we immediately came up with another name (that we’ve previously discussed).

It’s hard for us to settle on names. We only ever agreed on one last time. One is all you need I guess.

If we don’t have twins and we don’t have girls, it’s fine. We’ll be happy with any kind of healthy baby!

So, “bobbing pineapples”, that’s cryptic clue to name #1! There might be some cultural nuances in it that not everyone across the globe would get. I’m not sure. But guesses, anyone?

Funny (not ha-ha) people

Firstly, there’s a lady in my office who has a little beagle with her all the time, with a special coat on the dog┬áthat says she’s a special medical dog (and to not pat her!). This little beagle can help detect when the lady is about to have an epileptic fit and give her warning. Apparently there was a big hoo-ha when she first wanted to bring the dog in with building management. But the good guys won and the dog stayed.

So someone brought up the topic of this lady and her dog and was all, “What is this?” I explained the whole epilepsy thing and he was like, “If she’s going to have a fit, she’s going to have a fit. Having the dog there won’t change anything!”

When I meet people like that I think, ‘Gee, you’re a dumbarse!’ And then I also think, ‘You are so lucky to not have any familiarity with these issues.’ Fits mean falls, falls can mean a hit on the head, or perhaps falling into a glass table, or perhaps tumbling down stairs. Fits are not good. Falls are not good. Some pre-warning can let the person put themselves into a safe position first. Dumb arse!

Secondly, a somewhat odd thing happened. My friend tagged me in a post with a link to the top suburbs for infidelity, of which the suburb I am moving into is ranked #1. Her exact words were, “Watch out!” WTF?! Am I being a bit sensitive given that I am (obviously) PMS-ing? I just find it a really odd thing to do! I mean, is she saying that I need to watch out for creepy people of [that suburb] trying to start an affair with me? Or that the housewives of [that suburb] need to watch out because I’m arriving soon? Or is she saying that I need to keep a close tab on hubby? It was strange. She’s a good friend of mine. I don’t know what was going through her head. I untagged myself from the post!

We wait again

What a bugger! AF turned up this morning! It seems that she’s arrived 4 days earlier than usual! So I rang the doc’s office, we are rescheduling for, hopefully, next week. If not it will have to be the week after. I guess either way, it makes no difference to the timing now.

But assuming that AF will be a bit more timely next time around, I think I can still get in for an EC before hubby has to have his more serious surgery. And if that is the case, we might be up for an FET in mid-August. Fingers crossed anyway!

Ohhhh… so annoyed

I got the timing wrong. Either that or my body decided to mix things up. So my original hysterscopy was scheduled in from one week from now, but then I worked out that AF would be in the middle of her visit and so we brought it forward by a week. Now it seems that AF has come knocking on my door a few days early (like, 3!) and that she may make herself known by tomorrow morning. My procedure is scheduled for 2pm tomorrow afternoon! So annoyed!

So now I’ll have to call the doc’s office tomorrow morning (at least they open at 7am) to sort out whether I can still have the procedure done or not. Dr Google tells me that they’re best in the first week after AF leaves. One of Dr Google’s assistants mentioned that if AF has only just arrived, it’s still possible to do it. I don’t know what my doc’s views on it are, but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow morning.

How annoying!!!!!

Here’s a new one for me – hysteroscopy

So I’m going in for my hysteroscopy tomorrow. It’s not until 2pm, so I’m going to go to work in the morning. I’m also not meant to eat or drink anything from 7am onwards and that morning I’m only allowed a light breakfast. Hopefully work is so exciting and eventful that I won’t notice any hunger and thirst. Unlikely.

This week has not been without drama though. Hubby had a bit of a turn at work, nothing too bad. He just felt momentarily ill, but enough to send himself straight to his specialist. They couldn’t find anything wrong with him, so told him to take it easy until his next scheduled appointment, which brought us back to reality. Hubby’s due for some maintenance, but serious, surgery in a few months. We won’t find out when until his next specialist appointment, but now the race is on to get my next egg collection done before Hubby has his surgery, as he will probably take at least a month to recover well enough to start taking care of himself, and then more time to completely recover. I mean, if we can’t get my egg collection done soon, I imagine we might not be able to get it done for another 4-6 months. And if that’s the case, then that’s the case. But you know, I’d prefer to have embies in the bank ready to use as soon as we can.

It’s the never ending waiting game.