17 already

Well just had my scan: 12 eggs in one ovary and 7 in the other! They’re a little on the small side, so the EC is going to happen one day later than expected. Looks like next week will be a short working week for me!

The doc says we might get around 20 eggs on the day. So the nurse gave me a brochure on OHSS. I think I’ve had a mild form of it before (diagnosed over the phone and put on monitoring), but fingers crossed that I won’t even get a hint of it this time around. We’ll see.

Anyway, back to work now to have my antagonist in the ladies room!


Gonal for the whole way

Right. I’m on day 4 of injections. First time on Gonal F. I have headaches, sore throat and a stuffy nose. I feel nauseous in stuffy rooms. Bubsy has croup. Do I have some adult version of the viral-ey croup, or do I have Gonal F side effects? It doesn’t matter really.

So in two days time I have a scan and then hopefully my EC gets scheduled in for next week. At the same time I’m waiting for them to tell me to jump at work. We’re meant to be in a consultation phase for a fairly high profile job, so it’s getting busy. But after two years of failed IVF cycles, I now adopt the “let life and IVF” coexist attitude – neither is to stop the other. So, if I have to do an EC the day I’m meant to go out and consult then so be it. At the same time I’m not going to pull back at work because of anticipated IVF stuff. This attitude has made life a lot easier for me over the past year 🙂

And did I tell you? We adopted a dog two weeks ago.

Two years ago we were definitely holding back on everything in life because we were waiting for IVF to work. That kind of approach to life definitely made things much more stressful and unfulfilling.So anyway, see how we go this time. Fingers crossed that it goes well. But just taking it one day at a time.


Fingers crossed

Thirty days ago I rang the nurses to advise them of my day 1. As the doctor recommended that we do a “natural” round this time, meaning no pill to control my ovulation, it meant that I’d need to go in for egg collection within a couple of weeks. The clinic was swamped and couldn’t get me in. So instead we made a tentative booking for an egg collection for my next round. The date we’ve got booked, 3 November, needs me to have my day 1 tomorrow.

All my Aunty Flo signs are here. But I’m worried that day 1 won’t be tomorrow. It’s definitely very close and if it’s not tomorrow, it’d be very early the day after. If we miss it, we might not be able to book another date around the 3rd.

But then I was thinking, I have a longer cycle. Did the nurse take that into account when picking the egg collection date?

My work is super stressful at the moment. Will that throw out my cycle?

So many factors. Gonna try to get some zzz so that I’m  at least able to function better tomorrow.

Fingers crossed.