Thirty something. Female. Feeling defeated.

I am having IVF treatment in a bid to have a second, healthy child. We are doing preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and IVF to screen out a particular  genetic condition.

We started the process in 2013 with an agonisingly slow start involving interview after interview, lots of blood tests, and then a long period of sitting around waiting for the lab to do their stuff. After that it was surgery after surgery, followed by more blood tests and lab work, a doctor change and more surgery. To date:

Cycle 1 – 13 eggs collected, 7 fertilised, 6 embryos suitable for testing, 2 embryos unaffected (but both of low quality).

Transfer 1 – Both embryos transferred at the same time, BFN

Cycle 2 – 17 eggs collected, 10 fertilised, 2 embryos suitable for testing, advised to freeze the 2 embryos and to collect more before testing.

Cycle 3 – 13 eggs collected, 4 fertilised, 1 embryo suitable for testing, Round 2 embryos thawed – 1 did not survive, 2 remaining embryos affected and discarded.

Cycle 4 – 10 eggs collected, 3 embryos suitable for testing, 2 unaffected and 1 discarded (no DNA!).

Transfer 2 – transferred a hatchie! 2ww miscarriage

Transfer 3 – BFN

Hysteroscopy – all good!

Cycle 5 – 14 eggs collected, 10 fertilised, 1 embryo suitable for testing, the 1 embryo was affected and discarded.

Cycle 6 – new doctor, 23 eggs collected, 6 blasties, 3 unaffected but 1 with chromosomal abnormalities, 2 suitable for transfer.

Transfer 4: attempt #1 – cancelled due to lack of follicle growth

Transfer 4: attempt #2 – cancelled due to hand, foot and mouth disease

Transfer 4: chemical pregnancy, BFN

Transfer 5: BFN

Cycle 7 – 15 eggs collected…


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    • Yes, naturally and easily! Easy pregnancy, easy labour. And now we have a cheeky three year old to keep us on our toes. We just never thought through the potential risks involved for our family to have a child naturally – 1 in 2 chance of any child of ours inheriting a life-long illness. Luckily bubsy got the all clear when we finally braved it and went and got testing done!


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