Transfer #4: thaw cycle

I’ve turned into one of those people who become a blubbering mess every time I speak to the IVF staff. Seriously. Well, ok, not every time. But every time I get some news, I have a cry. I’ve noticed this happening for awhile now.

So the lab called me this morning to tell me that of the 6 embryos frozen and tested, 3 came back good (as in, didn’t inherit the condition) and 2 of them didn’t pick up any chromosomal abnormalities. The other one did, which means that it definitely would not implant even if we tried. The lab doctor mentioned that the 2 good embryos also have a higher than average chance of implantation, because they tested free from chromosomal abnormalities. I take that to mean higher than a 30% chance, which is the usual number quoted.

Anyway, the tears spilled after that phone call. I was in a little meeting room at work, back turned to the glass walls, so no one could see me. Rang hubby, and he must’ve thought it was bad news because I was crying hard by this stage!

After that I rang the nurses, they’ve set me  up in the system for transfer. I rang the doctor’s office and got booked in for a 7:15am scan tomorrow morning (my day 1 was 9 days ago, so it’s time for my pre-ovulation scan). Then a couple of hours later the doctor gave me a call to confirm the results and for a quick chat.

It’s all happening very quickly! My fingers are still crossed. Let’s see what happens.


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