Round 4 – Like Mater hit me…

Are you familiar with Cars? I am VERY familiar with cars. So after my last post about all the symptoms that I was feeling and trying to ignore, it got worse. It got to the point that I had to continually go pee so much that I rang the PGD nurse to see if it’s normal.

I had to leave a message as they were busy. But in the one hour that I waited for them to call me back I started getting period like cramps, sweats and hot flushes. It made me feel somewhat better, with that being a symptom of implantation, but it was not pretty. Fortunately, on a scale of 1 to 10, it was only about a 5 on the pain scale – I get super bad cramps if I don’t manage myself properly.

So I walked around and around the house while I waited for the phone all, too scared to use a heat pack or Panadol to help alleviate the pain. When I went to the toilet again I had some lovely, pale brown discharge on the toilet paper – no, I’m not being sarcastic! I checked again later and there was no more. Last time I miscarried after the only other embryo transfer we’ve been able to do over the past for 4 stimmie cycles, I bled more and more each time I went to the toilet!

Anyway, so after about an other the cramping started to abate. When the nurse called me back we had a chat about it. By then I wasn’t feeling worried anymore anyway. I did tell the nurse about my weeing situation and she suspected that I might be at the started of a urinary tract infection and advised me to take some Ural just a precautionary measure.

Unfortunately, after the phone call I started feeling worse again – this time with cold symptoms. I’ve had a very minor one since Monday night and it’s barely been noticeable, just a bit of occasional sneezing and maybe blowing my noise twice a night. But this afternoon I’ve had to spend it bed coz I just feel so terrible. Funnily enough, part of me feels relieved too! As during my first pregnancy with Bubsy, I got colds ALL THE TIME at the beginning, even though it was at the height of summer.

In summary! I’m assuming that implantation has successfully occurred. Luckily Hubby had the foresight to send Bubys away to his Grandma’s today so that I could stay home and chillax. While I haven’t been able to do any painting, I have been able to do some reading – spending my afternoon with Lightning McQueen (Mater the tow truck is his best mate) and keeping cosy in bed. I think I’ll need to cancel Sunday dinner with my parents by coming up with some bogus excuse – haven’t told them about the current IVF round. And the 2ww, which is actually only 10 days for us given that we had a day 5 transfer, continues!



Round 4 – Reading in everything

I have a headache. I feel fatigued. My bowels are being funny. I feel like I need to pee all the time. I get random twinges all around my tummy. I’ve googled nearly everything that I can think of. I’m telling myself that I’ve been taking a lot of Endometrin, that I’m only 1-day post-transfer, that I’m in the middle of a mild cold and that I ate a lot of meat yesterday.

Blood test scheduled for the 9/2. I think I’ll take a HPT on the 7/2.

Round 4 – Tears at ten and the 2ww

Ok. So. 10 minutes before I had my first meeting of the day the lab gave me a call. Of the 3 embryos that I had, one was unaffected and 2 got a “no result”. Apparently one of the “no result” ones drew no DNA out from the cell and so was going to be discarded. They thought they could do another biopsy on the other “no result” embryo, but not until tomorrow.

Then I asked, “Was the unaffected one the 8-cell embryo from day three?” And the scientist got a bit excited and said, “Yes, and it looks really good, even though I’m not meant to tell you that because I’m not an embryologist.” I assured her that it was ok and that I would take it with a grain of salt! She seemed genuinely excited and even told me so. Then I figured that they must spend a lot of time screening out diseases and come across a lot of unhappy stories.

Anyway, I had 9 minutes to go so I quickly rang Hubby. He just happened to be able to pick up the phone too and so I blubbed the news out to him. I was in tears! And had to assure Hubby that I wasn’t sad, just relieved and overwhelmed. Then with another 5 minutes to go I had to clean up and then walk into a meeting to talk about trees, tracks, trains, creeks, swamps…. My brain was so not with it!!

Come ET time I walked over to the clinic – it has been super handy that it’s located 10 minutes from the office. The Doc was a little late. So while in the waiting area I told Hubby how I’d adopted the Ponyo theme song as my own theme song and had been visualising various scenes from the movie as metaphors for fertility! Including, the bit where Ponyo “hatches” out of the bubble as a little girl, as if it was a hatching blastocyst and also the bit when Ponyo and her sisters swim up towards the surface in a huge, happy surge. He laughed. But then, I mean, he’s the one who’s been sending out homing signals to the baby!

When we went in for the transfer, even our Doc seemed to be quite excited and hopeful with the embryo. She told us that it was a great embryo, with everything that they wanted to see in one. We got to see it on screen – it was pretty amazing. Makes it feel a bit more real. And the actual transfer? Didn’t feel a thing! I made a point of closing my eyes when the scientist brought the embryo out in the catheter. I saw it the first time when we had a transfer and it did not look pretty!

So now we’re here. In an assumed state of early pregnancy. And so the 2ww begins!

Round 4 – ET day!

Ok, so we managed to get through to day 3 post-EC (got told 3 eggs fertilised), then day 4 post-EC (got a text telling me that my embryo transfer would be at 1:20pm) and now we are day 5 post-EC. I’m expecting a call from the lab this morning to tell me how many of the 3 embryos are unaffected (hoping for 3!). Unfortunately I’ll be in meetings from 10am-12noon, so hopefully it comes before then. Otherwise, I’ll just see my Doc at the ET appointment anyway. Fingers crossed that I don’t get any missed calls from the Doc herself!!

Hubby and I are both pragmatic and practical kind of people – across most things. We do get a bit irrational about some things some of the time. Anyway, so last night after I established that it wouldn’t bad luck to talk about “it”, I speculated a bit. We reaffirmed that we’re doing the right thing, that perhaps it would’ve been just as difficult had we tried it the other way (i.e. get pregnant naturally, test the embryo, and abort if it was affected – although I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have come to that decision, I mean hello, 4 cycles later!) and then this morning I commented, “Well, finally, we’re at our second ET.” Hehe, Hubby said that he had the same thought!

Hubby told me that his friend at work and her partner are now going through their 6th cycle, even though last year they had decided that they’d give up after the 5th. Fingers crossed for them!!

Anyway, part of me is still very anxious that this morning they’ll tell me that none of the embryos are suitable for transfer. And I don’t think that I’m being unreasonable in thinking that given all the other twists and turns that we’ve had. I really want this to work. I’ve been singing the Ponyo theme song in my head as a bit of a motivator – I only know the first two lines! Haha. Hubby last week, or was it early this week…. anyway, he told me that he talks to the baby and asks her  (just assuming the gender!) to choose us as parents and as a family and that we’ll take good care of her. Gee, got a bit teary typing that out.

Anyway, counting down the hours now…

Round 4 – Confidence dropping

Ok. So Doc didn’t call me at 8am. But she did call me at 11am. I missed the call by half a second and then couldn’t get back on to her! She did leave a voice message to say that three embryos were being biopsied. Sigh, better than none I suppose.

Then I got a call from the lab a few minutes later to repeat the same information. This time I also asked about the embryo quality. This is what I was told:

1 x 8 cells, grade 2

2 x 6 cells, grade 3

So I’ve been googling embryo quality success rates but haven’t been able to find anything easily (I’m also at work, so need to make it look like I’m working. And let’s just say, I don’t work in the medical field so googling “embryos” and “IVF” on my exposed screen makes it pretty obvious that I’m not working!

Anyway, anyone have any information on what the success rate on a transfer for the above embryos are? I mean, not that we’ve even had the biopsy results yet, which would not surprise me if they came back that none of the embryos we have are suitable. The first and only transfer we ever did was with two low quality embryos, which the doctor predicted had a 30% and 10% chance of implanting. Although at the time I never asked about what made them “low quality”.

Six cell, grade 3 sounds ominous.

I’m preparing for the worst.

*** Update

Well Hubby seemed to be positive about it. And he says that last time we had one Grade 3 and one Grade 4. So I guess the Grade 4 had the 10% chance. And of course, this was the doctor’s guesstimate. Maybe it will work out for us…

Round 4 – Popped some pills today

Today my woohoo took an aspirin – I survived. This translates to: I took a vaginal tablet today (Endometrin) and it was totally weird and I was a little surprised by how big the tablet was and totally grossed out by how the tablet looked on the “applicator” (i.e. reusable stick) but I did it coz I want to make sure that I’ve done all that I can to make this cycle work!


So tomorrow I’m back at work. It’s going to be hard to go back after having two weeks off and two weeks of no stress. I hope that my doctor doesn’t call me between 8-8:30am (the usual time she calls to tell me that no eggs have fertilised) and that the lab calls me around 11am to tell me that 10 of the 10 eggs collected fertilised and grew and are suitable for biopsy. Then on Wednesday morning they can call me again to tell me that 10 of the 10 embryos biopsied are unaffected.

Fingers crossed!


Round 4 – Post EC – Recovering well :)

Ok, so I had my EC this morning. I got a 9:20am slot, which meant I needed to get in there by 8:20am. I was pretty happy with that – no waiting around all morning 🙂

So I’ve obviously recovered well enough to post! And this is after watching two hours of on-demand TV on my laptop. I don’t know if there is any correlation, but I feel as that because I’m able to give more information to the anaethesist about how I have reacted after the past few surgeries, she was able to tailor the meds a bit more to suit me. So yeah, I’m feeling relatively good. Haven’t even had to have a nap, although I do plan to soon.

The bad news? Well, it’s not really bad news. But this time around they managed to collect 10 eggs. It made me a bit upset, as the previous lowest number I’ve ever had is 13. And I know it’s about quality, not quantity, and compared to other people it’s a high number, blah blah blah. But for us, obviously, getting eggs has never been the problem. But to put it into context, out of the past 43 eggs collected, 8 have fertilised and developed enough (that’s less than 20%, in our situation the stats are typically 50%) and of those 8 only 2 have been unaffected (that’s 25%, stats are 50% exactly). And don’t forget there’s only a 30% chance that an ET will be successful. So based on that, we go from 10 eggs, to 2 eggs, to 1 egg to…. I know, it’s not an exact science, but I’m just going off my IVF history.

Yes, I’m over thinking. But this is my fourth back-to-back stimmie cycle and EC.

Anyway, I had a different doctor doing the EC today as my usual was on leave. The new doc was very nice. I also had a great anaethesist. Sounds silly, but the surgery felt like an “experience” rather than a clinical procedure. Although the nursing staff on this time seemed much more blergh. Previously they’ve been excellent. Not that any of that is relevant. All there is to it now is for me to wait until next week. I should find out on Tuesday how many embryos we have for testing and then find out on Wednesday how many biopsied embryos are suitable for transfer/freezing. Best case scenario: we get to do a transfer on Thursday and end up with a super healthy baby by early October!

Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed.

Oh, and starting the Endometrin tomorrow… gross!