Round 4 – Post EC – Recovering well :)

Ok, so I had my EC this morning. I got a 9:20am slot, which meant I needed to get in there by 8:20am. I was pretty happy with that – no waiting around all morning 🙂

So I’ve obviously recovered well enough to post! And this is after watching two hours of on-demand TV on my laptop. I don’t know if there is any correlation, but I feel as that because I’m able to give more information to the anaethesist about how I have reacted after the past few surgeries, she was able to tailor the meds a bit more to suit me. So yeah, I’m feeling relatively good. Haven’t even had to have a nap, although I do plan to soon.

The bad news? Well, it’s not really bad news. But this time around they managed to collect 10 eggs. It made me a bit upset, as the previous lowest number I’ve ever had is 13. And I know it’s about quality, not quantity, and compared to other people it’s a high number, blah blah blah. But for us, obviously, getting eggs has never been the problem. But to put it into context, out of the past 43 eggs collected, 8 have fertilised and developed enough (that’s less than 20%, in our situation the stats are typically 50%) and of those 8 only 2 have been unaffected (that’s 25%, stats are 50% exactly). And don’t forget there’s only a 30% chance that an ET will be successful. So based on that, we go from 10 eggs, to 2 eggs, to 1 egg to…. I know, it’s not an exact science, but I’m just going off my IVF history.

Yes, I’m over thinking. But this is my fourth back-to-back stimmie cycle and EC.

Anyway, I had a different doctor doing the EC today as my usual was on leave. The new doc was very nice. I also had a great anaethesist. Sounds silly, but the surgery felt like an “experience” rather than a clinical procedure. Although the nursing staff on this time seemed much more blergh. Previously they’ve been excellent. Not that any of that is relevant. All there is to it now is for me to wait until next week. I should find out on Tuesday how many embryos we have for testing and then find out on Wednesday how many biopsied embryos are suitable for transfer/freezing. Best case scenario: we get to do a transfer on Thursday and end up with a super healthy baby by early October!

Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed.

Oh, and starting the Endometrin tomorrow… gross!


4 thoughts on “Round 4 – Post EC – Recovering well :)

  1. Ugh I dread my next, 3rd, ivf too. It’s really hard to stay sane when there are so many hormones running truth your veins! 10 is great! I only ever had 5 mature and it will frustrated the hell out of me. I’m thinking amazing positive thoughts for you and those soon-to-be fertilized embryos! Xx

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    • Thanks! Yeah, it’s all a bit crazy. And I think after, say, the second round of IVF, you start learning to not get excited about anything – so I think that’s what my mind is doing. Just keeping as neutral as it can be, although my emotional ranges seems to go more from neutral to negative! Pumping positive thoughts to your way too – it seems to be easier to do it for others than for myself!! x

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  2. Yeah, I’m envious of your quantity, but I understand your concern when you mix in the genetic testing. Is it too personal to ask what they are testing for? Don’t feel like you need to answer that if you’re not comfortable. And I’ll tell you what everybody keeps telling me “you only need the one!” I hate people.


    • Yes, the good old “you only need the one”… 4 cycles later and the equivalent of a deposit on a decent property, we’re still waiting for the one! I always wonder why people wouldn’t understand that you, and more so your own doctors, would be specialists about your own situation and so know what can and can’t be done. I’ve taken to not telling my family anything about IVF and the reasons why we’re doing it – they just have far too much unsolicited and totally uninformed advice for us! The best was, “Oh, your grandma’s doctor’s wife [note, she is not a doctor herself, just the receptionist at the GP] says that you’re too young to be doing IVF.” Shoot me now!

      Phew! Rant over!

      We have a heart condition where the electrics are a bit messed up that we’re trying to screen out. It’s a 1 in 2 chance that any kid of ours could get it, and if they did, then it’s pacemakers, daily cocktail of drugs forever, regular maintenance surgeries and the occasional surprise surgery, lots of doctor appointments and lifelong management. So it does help us keep focused and determined for the IVF to work!!

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