Round 4 – One week to go…

Ah, this whole 2ww thing. I’m starting to do all those things that they tell you not to do. But I haven’t taken a home pregnancy test yet – I’m saving that for Saturday, or maybe Friday, haven’t decided yet 😉

As much as I try to ignore all the symptoms, they’re just there waiting for my obsessive mind to dwell on them 24 hours/day. So last Friday was hideous – infection, cramps, then my cold. Saturday I was still super tired and more or less in bed all day. Sunday was in bed for most of the day. I’m back at work today, trying to review a $3 billion dollar tender proposal… my brain is not with it. I feel an underlying tiredness, but didn’t wake up feeling as if I’d been hit by a truck. I’m sipping on a ginger tea, I think I want to eat, but I’m not sure. My boobs have definitely gotten a bigger over the past few days. Pimples are popping up randomly all over the place. And Hubby says I have a “glow”. I tell him, my skin is just super oily.

I keep telling myself, just another 7 days until we do the proper blood test.


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