Not entirely wasted

So last Thursday, at what was meant to be my pre-transfer scan, the doc decided to scratch the transfer. He noted that my follicles were developing very slowly and that the lining was ok, but seemed to also be developing on the slow side.

We were a bit bummed of course. But nothing like having to present as the 7th speaker (out of 8) at a dull industry briefing to keep me moving! We went straight out for drinks after the briefing  (it had been 6 months worth of work!) so I let myself enjoy the rare arvo session. Two jugs of cocktails later  (shared amongst 4!) and I was feeling alright!

Anyway, been feeling impatient this weekend. I mean, I’ve been upset and in tears before after other treatment cycles and failed transfers, but I’ve really hit that frustrated-with-the-waiting state now. It’s been 2.5 years now? 6 treatment cycles plus a suite of other tests.

So, this morning I had another scan as the doc wanted to see what was going on inside me. He still doesn’t think I’ve ovulated yet, but says it looks like it should happen in the next 5 days or so. He’s suggested that I do an endometrium scratch, just to check that everything looks fine. He did mention that there’s some evidence to show that post-scratch, the healing that goes on actually improves things for the subsequent transfer. So no harm there I guess. And at least it won’t feel like we’re just sitting around doing nothing this cycle. What’s another month, hey?