9dp5dt HPT time!

Ok. So this morning I went nuts. There was lots of crying, getting grumpy, getting angry and more crying.

We went out of fancy breakfast. And I was still grumpy. The waitresses were making me really grumpy.

We decided that I  should POAS when we got home. So we had to go via the shops to pick a HPT up, given that I’d been pretty adamant up until then about not testing.

We got this:

That’s the result from a second wee, about 3 hours after my morning one.

Blood test tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!


– minor heartburn

– breathlessness

– minor fatigue

– constant dehydration

– sensitive and larger nipples

– first “serious” episode of insomnia last night, which wasn’t as bad as my usual pre-AF ones

– emotional

If it weren’t for this cycle, I’d usually not even notice those symptoms.

Fingers double crossed.


3 thoughts on “9dp5dt HPT time!

    • Thanks!!! I’m not quite excited yet, some protective mechanism is keeping all my emotions at bay (now that I’ve gotten past the psycho emotive state). I’m just really hanging out for that BFP phone call first!

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