Cycle 7, Scan 1 down

Day 6 of jabs, just had a scan, starting double jabs tomorrow. Doc is predicting 13-14 eggs for next Monday… or Tuesday. I’ll be doing scan 2 on Friday to work out which day the egg collection is on.

The great thing about having a big break in between IVF cycles is that your brain truly gets to relax and forget details. The bad side (and it’s minor) is that I’ve forgotten the process! I mean, of course it’d be preferable if I never had to do so many cycles that I had the process memorised, but there’s just so many details that I’ve forgotten. Like, that once you start the injections, there’s going to be a surgery within 2 weeks of that! And all the acting aloof and vagueness that comes with it if you’ve decided not to tell your family about it. At this stage it looks like I’ll be doing the collection on a public holiday, which for my family usually means lots of phone calls and an attempt to do a big lunch.

I had also forgotten about the tiredness and bloating. And my crazy mood swings… I haven’t been too bad, but I have snapped a couple of times. I think it’s mostly due to the tiredness. Sigh. First world problems, hey?

Anyway, so a few more days to go.

Keep well everyone x


Cycle 7 – who would have ever thought?

So here we are. Cycle #7. Heading towards year 4 of IVF. Our naturally conceived and miraculously genetic condition free child is starting school next year! 

We took a good 6 months off, I went vegan  (initially for 30 days and then decided to do it permanently), we bought a beach house and, after 2 unsuccessful years, have finally landed myself a new job that excites me 😊 Happy days!

And wow. Let’s just say, in those few IVF-free months, I really realised how crazy and obsessed that I had become when we were doing cycle after cycle. I mean, if you get a baby result out of it, that’s great. But if you don’t, there’s no baby distraction! Just a big bucket load of crazy.

Anyway, we went and saw our doc a couple of weeks ago. Last time we spoke to him he said that he thought we’d just about reached that donor egg/sperm/uterus stage. This time he was a bit more optimistic and thought we still had a few goes left. As in, we’d only really had 6 embies transferred. He said he’d expect to see 10 BFNs before deciding that there was another issue at hand.

So it was a pretty easy appointment. I’m calling up on my next day 1, which should only be a week and a bit away. And then I’ll be jabbing away in preparation for egg collection #7. 

Big fingers crossed. I saw the cutest Snugglepot and Cuddlepie playmat yesterday. I really want to buy it!