I’m back – FET attempt #1

Ok, I’ve had a lovely break from thinking about IVF, from the blog-o-world and from doing stuff that I don’t want to do. On paper it would look like I’m being antisocial, but I’ve just been having a lot of me-time. Well, as much as you can have with a toddler and a full-time job and life generally.

Anyway, it’s been a good few weeks. It’s been the first time that my body has been IVF drug free for so long. Let’s just say, I feel sooooo normal! And it… is… nice.

Me-time things I’ve done: watched lots of trashy teen movies, read trashy teen books (think Divergent, Hunger Games…), eaten lots of rich foods (over eaten in many cases), been to a Dan Sultan twilight concert, and the biggest thing that we’ve done as a family, is, bought a new house! We’ve been thinking for a couple years that we’d need to move somewhere to be closer to high schools (there are NONE in our area), but looking for something took a back seat when we started IVF. Then, a few weeks ago we saw something that we thought we might like, checked it out, went to auction and BAM! It’s ours!

It is so nice to feel like we’ve achieved something after an active 8 months of IVF failures, which was preceded by another 8 months of waiting around before we could even start the IVF.

Anyway, so with one frozen embie in the bank and Day 1 just started, we are on our way to our (first) frozen embie transfer. I called the nurse up today who went through the process with me, which was: book a scan. She asked me if I had any questions afterwards and I was like, “Um, no, this sounds a lot simpler than the usual stimmie cycles that I do!”

So if this works, it works. If it doesn’t, we’re definitely taking a break from it all. We’re moving on with the other parts of our lives regardless!