New job, managing a group of grumpy, old farts. I’m the youngest by an average of 15 years minimum.

Bought a new and very expensive house.

Sold an old and mildly priced house.

We’re moving in 4 weeks. 

Been packing daily on my 1 week off work. 

Had to find and enrol my non-turdler into a new school.

Christmas. Parental birthdays. Too many family visits.

2 year old’s birthday party, well attended by plentiful babies and toddlers. And pregnant women.

Thaw cycle scan.

So stressed that I drank a glass of gin, caught the train into the city, power napped in the station toilets, vomited, caught train home, got off train, vomited in station toilets, reboarded train, walked 3km home.

Now I’m stressed that my stress will cause my body to release stress related hormones into my body and affect the chance of implantation. Is that possible?

To be continued 


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