Feeling ok

Watching Parks and Rec, had a 4 hour nap earlier today and had an OPU prior to that – 23 eggs collected!

People are saying “what a great number”, but we had 17 once before and that turned out to be a complete dud.

Anyway, just chillaxing now. I seem to have recovered well enough. At least it’s 2 days off work plus the weekend.

So all embryos (however many there will be) will be frozen this time around. Fingers crossed that we get more than zero embryos – not being trying to be melodramatic here! And yeah – we’ll see!



One thought on “Feeling ok

  1. It’s hard to not be fearing the worst, but all you can do is sit back and let the labs do what they’re supposed to. I totally understand the outcome fear. I had nothing from my first 2 IVFs, from 24 eggs collected in all (only 10 of the 24 were even mature). In my 3rd I had 19 collected, 14 mature, 9 fertilize, nothing frozen but only one decent (ok, one perfect, beautiful blast)… And I’m 34 weeks pregnant! You could very well have your lucky cycle this time too. Wishing you many mature eggs, a high fertilization rate, and steady, healthy embryo growth. Xx


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