It’s my favourite number?

So of the 23 eggs they managed to biopsy and freeze 3 x day five embryos and 3 x day six embryos. That’s 6 in total. I was hoping for 10+. That might sound greedy and overly optimistic, but it’s what I wanted.

The last time we managed to biopsy 6 embryos was when I had my first cycle. Of those, 4 were affected and the 2 we had leftover for transfer were of so low quality that they suggested that we transfer both at the same time as they were unlikely to survive a thaw cycle. Neither took, obviously.

Anyway, so I have 6 waiting for results. It’s not a surprising that I didn’t get 10+ considering I’ve been averaging even lower numbers from my previous cycles. So it’s just a sit and wait scenario now.

I can call up on my next day 1 to start planning for a transfer. Although last I did that we had to cancel the transfer because the one embryo we had was affected.

I haven’t asked this yet, but now I will: when is it going to happen for me???!!


2 thoughts on “It’s my favourite number?

  1. That’s great! I never had any to freeze out of 3 cycles and 43 eggs retrieved. Only one good embryo, and that was all I needed apparently! I wish you all the success in the world, that this is your time. Xx


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