No news?

No news is good news? Although I got some news. I rang the doctor today to get an update on the testing, but we’re still a couple of days away. I told him we’re trying to decide whether to book in for our transfer this cycle or next cycle, so he said he’d chase it up again tomorrow. And can I just mention, not that you know him or anything, he was returning my call even though he’d left the office for the day. I know I don’t normally do that!

So, then for more news. The doc then went into a bit about the embryos we had. The 3 x day 5 embryos are all blasties. One of the day 6 embies is a hatching blastie! The other 2 x day 6 embies are not quite blasties, but the doc rated the whole group of 6 embies as being from good to excellent.

That’s the good news.

The other news, or lack of news rather, means that we don’t know if we can use any of them yet.


We wait some more.

Fingers crosssed!


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