8dp5dt what if…

So with all of my previous transfers  (and there have been a few!) I’ve gone through the usual ups and downs and emotional torture. And then I’ve always had the very distinct “I don’t feel pregnant” feeling. I assume it’s come from those pregnancy hormones  (whether natural or artificial) suddenly leaving the body in droves. 

Based on that I very much entered into this cycle thinking, just trust my body, it hasn’t lied to me before. It’s also helped to push away any desire to POAS.

This time around I have symptoms, can’t say if they’re pregnancy symtoms or PMS symptoms, or even if they’re just nothing. But I have symptoms (minor cramping/twinges, dehydration, minor insomnia and vaguely sensitive boobs) and constant fear that AF is coming. No signs of spotting yet, but that’s typically started anywhere from 8-10dp5dt. They’re all cruel, but the cruelest was probably when my spotting started 2 hours after I made it to 10dp5dt and had just had my blood test.

That’s where I’m at. Had a teary meltdown this morning. Hubby does not help. I think he just doesn’t know what to do – or he’s not thinking about it enough. Maybe a bit of both. But I mean, he’s been at the beach for 5 days, while I’ve been at home by myself each night after work, and when I called him at 5:15pm on Friday  (having had to do a 7 hours round trip site visit) to see what the plans were for that night, he was at his mum’s house having a bath. Seriously?

Anyway, fingers crossed for no spotting. Two days to go.


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