Not happy. Hubby has planned to cat sit during our anticipated 2ww. I generally don’t tell him what to do, but after 36 hours of dropping hints that I think it’s a bad idea for him to be away during that time, I’ve now just told him that I want him at home. 

Now let me give some more context. He’s agreed to cat-sit (and he hates cats) at an acquaintance’s house by the beach from the 12 Jan onwards. Our own beach house is free from the 16 Jan onwards. He wants to be “at the beach” for an extra 4 days. In that time, I would be completely car-less, having to go to and from work, come home to an empty house and make a pupo-pregnant friendly dinner for myself. And everyone knows what happens during the 2ww – I’d be madly googling every symptom every night.

It’s not like he isn’t already going to the beach every 2nd day anyway. Plus he can’t go surfing with our 5 year old in tow anyway. Although I think he was just planning on palming him off to the grandparents for 4 days straight, which I also totally disapprove of.

And let’s look at the potential shitty outcome, that we get a BFN. He would then be committed to  feeding some stranger’s cat instead of being with me.

I am actually quite angry. The more I think about it the more it upsets me. This is also on top of hubby donating a box of CDs to the Salvos, without checking with me first. The bix contained an autogtaphed album of one of my favourite bands. I am really quite pissed off about that too.

I don’t know how to end this post. I mentioned again that I didn’t think he should cat-sit when he said that I looked worried just before. His response was, “oh we’ve  [him and our son – I’d been at work all day] had a good day, let’s not talk about this now.” WTF?


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