Cycle 7 – who would have ever thought?

So here we are. Cycle #7. Heading towards year 4 of IVF. Our naturally conceived and miraculously genetic condition free child is starting school next year! 

We took a good 6 months off, I went vegan  (initially for 30 days and then decided to do it permanently), we bought a beach house and, after 2 unsuccessful years, have finally landed myself a new job that excites me 😊 Happy days!

And wow. Let’s just say, in those few IVF-free months, I really realised how crazy and obsessed that I had become when we were doing cycle after cycle. I mean, if you get a baby result out of it, that’s great. But if you don’t, there’s no baby distraction! Just a big bucket load of crazy.

Anyway, we went and saw our doc a couple of weeks ago. Last time we spoke to him he said that he thought we’d just about reached that donor egg/sperm/uterus stage. This time he was a bit more optimistic and thought we still had a few goes left. As in, we’d only really had 6 embies transferred. He said he’d expect to see 10 BFNs before deciding that there was another issue at hand.

So it was a pretty easy appointment. I’m calling up on my next day 1, which should only be a week and a bit away. And then I’ll be jabbing away in preparation for egg collection #7. 

Big fingers crossed. I saw the cutest Snugglepot and Cuddlepie playmat yesterday. I really want to buy it!



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