Transfer #5: 9dp5dt – lost the plot

The rage is definitely here. I think there’s a good chance that I’m pregnant. Apart from the rage, there aren’t really any other PMS symptoms. But boy, am I angry!

So the pro symptoms:
– super tired
– small bouts of insomnia
– sensitive nipples
– slight (but noticeable) enlargement of boobies over past two day
– loss of appetite
– raging

Usual PMS symptoms are:
– funny sensation in tummy
– hungry
– erratic raging (normally just 24 hours beforehand)
– dehydrated
– insomnia the night before

In my rage and tiredness, I’ve become a complete lazy bum. I literally spent two thirds of yesterday in bed and all of this morning. That is highly unusual for me. I did ask hubby to just give me the next 24 hours to chill. While we have no answers, I just can’t stay focused on anything.

Anyway, about half an hour ago hubby had a go at me and so I cracked it and drove off. I’m currently sitting in a shopping centre carpark like a crazy lady. I thought about driving to my parents for a nap, as they’re currently overseas, but the grand prix is on and there’ll be far too much traffic. So here I am.

I did think about going to see a movie, but the next session of one that I’d go to is another 2 hours away. So I dunno. I’ll do some retail therapy?

Anyway, right now, I just feel really angry. And I’d like to have a big cry. But I just don’t know what to do.


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