Transfer #5: 8dp5dt – the rage

Feeling down in the dumps today. I got “the rage” earlier on. It’s one of my reliable PMS symptoms 😦 It could’ve been caused from lots of things: being tired and cranky all week; not sleeping properly last night; hubby and todsy doing things to annoy me. But it’s mostly likely PMS.

It’s the weekend. We have nothing on. We tried to go out earlier to do some shopping, which is when I got the rage. I’ve been sitting in bed since we got home. Hubby abandoned me by going for a massage. If anyone needs one, it’s me. He’s also left me home alone with todsy. I know this makes me sounds like a spoilt brat or something, but this is an ongoing issue with hubby. He just ups and goes when he feels like a massage, leaving us stranded at home. Plus I had made it very clear to him that I just wanted to zone out and not do anything, including taking care of todsy.

Now I’m starting to think that perhaps I should POAS tomorrow, to put me out of my misery. My body is feeling as if it hasn’t worked. My gut feeling has not been wrong in all past transfers. Even this morning I told hubby that I wasn’t feeling pregnant. Maybe me not feeling pregnant is the same is me feeling my PMS symptoms. I just want to test and see that there’s no line.

Otherwise, I’ll probably be a total b*tch tomorrow too and snap at everyone and everything.


2 thoughts on “Transfer #5: 8dp5dt – the rage

  1. Totally feeling for you. Good work for getting this far without poas, I’m a serial poas lol. I know it’s torture either way, poas and get a negative or spend the next hour holding it up to light trying to squint to see if there is at all a line.
    Or getting a positive , getting hopes up, freaking out its pregnyl… But I still can’t help myself.
    Beta is Monday? Maybe you could poas tomorrow. Day before. ? Will
    Be thinking of you! My embryo transfer is Monday (provided an embryo makes it to day 5.. Only have 2 so I’m a cranky mess too, snapping at hubby, irritable as anything. Take care and good luck!

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