Transfer #5: 6dp5dt

Indulge me. I’ve resolved to not do any POAS tests this time around, as we all know that they are evil. I’m halfway through my slightly less than 2WW, with the beta due on Monday. If I had to describe how I am feeling, it’d be ‘not pregnant, but tired’.

Like every other time, I feel as though the last of the Pregnyl has now left my body, leaving me feeling a bit empty and ‘not pregnant’. One key difference between this transfer and my previous is my extreme tiredness. I’ve spent most afternoons resting on the couch, with the occasional nanna nap. On Tuesday, after lunch, my eye started ticking like crazy, which happens when I’m super tired. I had yesterday off work. And today I’ve just left work early at 3pm because I feel like I just can’t stay awake.

The fog in my brain this morning was incredible. I could not function.

I am currently incredibly intolerant of stupidity. People stuffing up at work or asking me stupid questions gets me worked up into such a fit of rage (all internalised). I feel like I need to avoid people (including certain family members) at this stage for the benefit of everyone’s health and safety! But am I angry because I’m tired or from the drugs or from real hormones?

I did have tingly boobs for a few days, but that seems to have died down now – due to Pregnyl leaving my body?

Insomnia and exhaustion was the one and only early pregnancy symtom that I had the first time around.

So, I’m hopeful, but still trying to keep it all together.


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