Transfer #5: 4dpo, what a f*** up!

So about 2 minutes after I posted yesterday and having worked out my “#days dpo”, I realised that I’d made a major f*** up. I had taken a Pregnyl booster on Monday – my 1dpo – as I had in my head that I had to take it on Monday and Thursday. But it’s meant to be next Monday and this Thursday!

I’m so silly! So I’ve called the nurses this morning, just waiting for a call back. Best case scenario is that they say it won’t affect anything. Worst case is that we need to cancel. Sigh. It’s not the end of the world. But I’m not happy right now.

Sit and wait. Keep you posted…


2 thoughts on “Transfer #5: 4dpo, what a f*** up!

    • All good! My fave nurse called me back and said that there’s no issue. I just have to deal with extra hormones raging through my system. My work mate confirmed that I have been extra cranky this week 😂


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