One day of respite – but it’s a good thing


I’m doing something crazy – again. So I had my follow up beta test yesterday to confirm that hcg levels were dropping (from 5.2!). Apparently it was also to close out a few things, like check that I didn’t have an ectopic pregnancy. The nurse told me that it had definitely dropped – to 2. Then she said that I could call up on my next day one to schedule in my next FET. I asked if I could use my current day 1 and she said yes.

So that was that. I mean, wasn’t sure if it was a good idea and I hadn’t discussed it with hubby. So I put the question to the doc and he said it was fine to go ahead. Then I told hubby, and after a roundabout discussion I finally got him to say that he wanted to do it. At first he was very “it’s up to you” as he didn’t want to seem to be pushing me into the decision. On the flipside, I wanted to know that he was 100% behind the idea.

Anyway, I had to get it all sorted out quickly, like getting the doc to put through this cycle’s order, pick up the drugs so that I could start my day 3 injections tonight, calling the nurses to get it into the system.But all good, most of it is done. I just need to duck out of work early this afternoon to go and collect the drugs.


  • no sitting around for the next 4 weeks being antsy and waiting for my next day 1
  • find out sooner rather than later whether this cycle is going to work
  • if it doesn’t work, can move on sooner with life!
  • if we waited for the next day 1, we might’ve ended up with a Christmas baby! Not that there’s anything wrong with Christmas babies, and in reality, we’d be happy with any healthy baby!


  • no respite from the crazies

So today is my one day of respite from hormone induced crazies. You could say that yesterday was too, given that my hcg level was at 2. But yesterday was my sad day. I put it down to being in the sad stage of those stages of grieving. If anyone asked me how I was doing yesterday, I would’ve just broken down in tears.

Anyway, tonight I start low level injections again to get the follies going. I need to book in a scan for next week. And we’re good to go.

Fingers crossed!


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