10dp5dt: spots – typical

At home again after going into the clinic for my blood test. Hubby at work. Todsy at kinder. I’m working from home – straight after I post this. So I decided to stay home to wait for results, before going in for an afternoon meeting. I’m glad I did stay home. There’s a good chance that it’s all over. I just went to the toilet and I’m spotting. It looks fresh – diluted, but fresh. A bit like PMS spotting, but with less CM.

I’m feeling neutral at this stage? I mean, last night I was getting hopeful about we’d finally gotten a pregnancy out of all this. And now I’m spotting. And I feel a little cold and feel like I have a cold coming on, which is a typical PMS symptom of mine. It wouldn’t surprise me, last time I did a FET I started bleeding at 10dp5dt.

Not sure how many hours to go before I get a phone call.


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