Faint glimmer of hope: 9dp5dt

So I tested this morning and it took ages for a distinguishable second line to show up. It looked faint, no darker than my 8dp5dt HPT.

This afternoon I suddenly felt exhausted. I had been noticing a couple of minor hot flushes (only noticeable as I currently notice EVERYTHING!). So I decided that after I walked the dog tonight I’d test again.


It’s darker!

It’s still faint, but I swear it’s twice as dark as the other ones that I’ve done. And the line started appearing after one minute instead of three or five.

My spirits are lifting. I really hope that this is the one. I need to be at the clinic in ten hours for my bloods. Well, they open in ten hours and I plan to be there when they open! So time for a quick shower, pick out my clothes for tomorrow, set the alarm for 6am and then bedtime.

Fingers mega-crossed!


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