Day 7. It’s around this time that my bleeding normally starts. My head is telling me that I’m not pregnant. Of course there is a huge part of me that hopes that I am.

I’ve taken the day off work, which I think has been a good move. Only my mum’s made me travel an hour to have some Groupon lunch with her. Why? Why does she keep buying these vouchers??!!

And afterwards I’ve organised to go and catch up with my old playgroup. I started working on Fridays sometime late last year and so haven’t been catching up with them. I hope L is baking something amazing today! She normally does.

I should be busy enough this weekend. My parents are having  a house warming on Sunday. I’ve been directed to make a salad and a dessert. I’ll have to do them tomorrow as I also have to travel an hour to pick up my granny and then drive another 40 mins to get her to my parent’s place on Sunday. Painful tasks, but time filling!

Sorry. It’s  a bit of a menial entry, but I’m not exactly feeling inspired this morning!


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