6.5dp5dt – feels like PMS

😦 I had the rage today. Like, PMS rage. And then after lunch, of a low GI meal, I still felt hungry. Well, not so much hungry, just craving something sugary. So I had a nectarine first. Then I wanted to buy a peppermint Freddo Frog from the social club box. But I made myself eat an orange first. And then I went and had a Freddo – classic PMS move.

My boobs are definitely not pregnancy boobs. They’re little ones.

I’m a little bloated. Another typical PMS symptom.

And I had a little cry before while telling hubby about my peppermint Freddo Frog. You know, I really tried to resist it, as to try to “prevent” the PMS symptom. Sounds silly, I know. But really, it’s how I was feeling. Anyway, point of this paragraph, the crying meltdown – typical PMS symptom.

I’m feeling very distinctly un-pregnant. The lack of pregnyl side effects feels very pronounced in me. I mean, aren’t I meant to producing my own hcg now?

I’ve taken tomorrow off. Mostly because I don’t want to be at work if I should suddenly start bleeding. I am really expecting my period to start at any hour now 😦


4 thoughts on “6.5dp5dt – feels like PMS

  1. 😦 I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I know it’s probably no consolation but I felt like pms each of my BFPs too…they were only 3 out of 18 clinical cycles though, so the number of BFNs made my optimism fade. Here’s to hoping your instincts are wrong! I found chocolate was really good at holding my hand. Xx


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