TMI alert:5dp5dt

Ok, today.

Gassy, constipated (but only 1 day of it, so could be anything – I have bought pears to eat daily just incase it goes for longer), a little tired, still have that tightness in my tummy muscles (the same one that contracts in labour, I know it very well as I was in early labour for 2.5 weeks last time), think I have a bit of tingly feeling in my nipples. Haha. Is this TMI? It is, isn’t it? Well why stop there? No apparent increase in CM – but I only go by what gets on my undies – coz I ain’t checking using any other methods!

I don’t get PMS symptoms usually (aside from being hungry, cranky, thirsty, night-before insomnia)…. ok, it appears that I do have PMS symptoms. But my PMS symptoms don’t involve my boobs or tummy muscles or tummy gases.

And as I always remind myself, I’m on pregnyl. So these could be just a result of pregnyl.

At this stage I don’t think I’ll take a HPT anymore. At least not until the weekend. But I’m thinking of avoiding one on the weekend too.

I’m not sure what to do on the day of the blood test. I mean, I need to get to that day first. But assuming that I do get there, I’ll go into the clinic at 7am to test, which means I’ll get a result around 10-11am. But what do I do? Do I go to work and wait around for the phone call? What if it’s a BFN? Do I take the phone call in one of the small meeting rooms, have a cry (I’d cry either way) and then go back to my desk as if nothing’s happened? One of the girls at work knows what’s going on. So if I suddenly left the office for the day, she’d cover for me. But cover for me as in tell people that I’m unwell or something. But what about my afternoon meeting? Sigh. Deal with it later, right?

Aside from that, hubby made a huge blunder, told his mum that I was going to work every Wednesday for the rest of year (this is not true), so she’s “cleared her Wednesday” for the rest of the year (yes, apparently her Wednesdays and every other day are fixed for the rest of the year) so that she can take care of todsy, and is now upset because I’ve been at home for the past two Wednesdays! Sorry, that was a long sentence! I get cranky when people at work write 4-line sentences!

So, the MIL is upset. Coz she didn’t get her time with todsy last week. And now she doesn’t get to see him this week. Ok, feel free to drop out now coz I’m going to rant about in-laws! It’s not like she’s not allowed to see him any other day!!! If she wants to see him (or us, does she ever want to see us? No!), just call up and say, “Hey, how about lunch on Saturday?” – like a normal person!

Nah, I’ll stop there. No more ranting. For now… 😉

5 days to go.


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