Today’s swing

Ok, I’ve decided that everything that I’m currently feeling is due to the pregnyl shots and not because of pregnancy symptoms.

4dp5dt – dry mouth, nausea, buzzing head (can’t concentrate), tension (jaw and head), right ovary sensitive, tired.

I’ve done a lot of Dr Googling and everything I’m feeling seems to match up pretty well with how others describe their pregnyl side effects. And I’ve been preggers before, my first and only early pregnancy symptom was insomnia.

I’ve also cut down on the caffeine, so some of those above listed side effects could be due to my lack of caffeine intake!

So, I  don’t feel pregnant. I’m now not sure about doing  a HPT the day before my blood test. Because what if I get a false positive?

That’s where I’m at. Let’s see which way i swing tomorrow!



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