It’s a set up!

I’m setting myself up for disappointment. I can’t help it. But I’m sure that all of you who have been lucky enough to get to this stage have done it too!

Today I googled “5 day transfer due date calculator”. Our predicted due date is 30 October 2016. I’d love an October baby – same month as me. If it comes early, like todsy, maybe we could get a Libra baby like me. Not that I’m into astrology, but details details!

And I’m technically 3 weeks preggers today.

I have no pregnancy symptoms. I know it’s way early and that I’d unlikely have any symptoms at this stage, but let’s read into everything that I’m feeling anyway!

0dp5dt: tired (I think from the pregnyl shot the day before)
1dp5dt: left ovary would hurt if I twisted or stretched in certain ways, but I think that was already happening from the gonal f shots prior; gassy tummy, but I’m 98% sure that that was from eating a big bowl of cherries; chest tight (right below sternum), couldn’t explain this one, pollen count was very low and there hadn’t been a sudden drop in air pressure (which often cause me to have a tight chest); a little tired, but I’m always ranging from a little to super tired
2dp5dt: tummy seems a little tight (like a bloated stretchy feeling, but I don’t feel bloated), but I could be imagining it; hubby bought me a valentine’s day coffee, was confused about whether I was allowed to drink coffee, but knew that I like coffee and went to a hipster cafe that he doesn’t like to buy it for me – I drank it, I figure that I haven’t implanted yet and it’s not the end of the world to have a bit of caffeine intake and I do like coffee! Anyway, made my tummy gassy, but that’s pretty normal for when it’s the first and only thing I’ve had in the morning; no signs of implantation (i.e. cramps or spotting).

I know people tell you to try not to read into “signs”, to keep yourself busy, etc etc etc. Well, I’m keeping myself busy by reading into the signs. And, basically, I’ve been here before, multiple times. I know that if it’s a BFN I’ll be sad whether I spent my time reading into the signs or not. And whether it’s a BFN or a BFP – I won’t be thinking about how I spent my time during the 2ww anyway. So here’s to obsessing!

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovely people!



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