Two down, how many more to go?

Two jabs down. Last night’s one was better. Hubby forgot that I had to do them again. And was too tired to be with me when I was going to do them. So I sat in bed and refused to do them until he brought the needle to me. I know, I know, I’m being a little shit.

And then it hurt! Blood came out (like, a teeny, tiny dot).

It’s been a crazy week at work. I was left off the new org chart (after going through over 12 months of restructure negotiations), was told I’d remain “invisible” as it was not my substantive position. Long story, don’t worry about it. But let’s just say, what a load of bull. That’s the dumbest made-up-on-the-spot excuse that I’ve ever heard. Then our acting CEO, who we, my team, reports directly to, went elsewhere. We got a new acting CEO. Rumours are flying around that we’ll have another restructure in April this year (yes, we just had a big one, on the back of another major one 3 years ago), which is why we only have acting CEOs at the moment. I met with my GM from my substantive position, who knows what I want, but can’t do anything about it coz her hands are tied.

The mother-in-law continues to rock up at 6:45am, despite us saying, “sleep in, come at 7:30am.” Keeps giving me running commentary about nothing as I try to get ready in the morning. And keeps making our bed! Yes, first world problems. But please, mother-in-law, don’t come into our room and make our bed – it’s weird!

My mood is ok. I think I’m staying relatively positive despite crazy hormones, consuming too much sugar (made a batch of rocky road on Tuesday night) and todsy constantly wanting to play.

Another 6 nights until my first scan. I hope I’ve developed early this time around and don’t have to wait another 2 weeks for the transfer.



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