First jab

Last night was a tough one. It was night one of probably 10 nights of jabs? I just didn’t want to do it. Hubby didn’t help. He’s just returned to work and was in “work is tough, I  need to relax mode” – so generally ignoring the world. Including bubsy. Who’s really more todsy now.  And who just wanted me to play, play, play.

Anyway, had a bit of a hissy fit. There were tears. Told hubby that I didn’t want another child for me to pick up after  (i.e. him, todsy, the dog and a new baby). He was so out of touch with helping someone through  a down period (I’d been telling him for a week that I was feeling depressed), that he didn’t really say anything  apart from “if you don’t want to do the injections then don’t do them.” So I went to bed. Then he was like, “just snap out of it.”

*big eye roll*

Basically I had to tell him that the thing to do was to bring the injections to me (to date I’ve always done them myself – he’s often not even remembered that I have to do them and doesn’t even realise that I have done them), treat me like a princess and be encouraging.

Yes, I was being a whiny shit, but sometimes that’s ok! Especially when I’m not usually like that.

Anyway, I did the jab. Whinged some more. Then hubby said, “don’t do this to my head right now.” So I pulled out my book and didn’t speak to him again.

So, there’s a lot of stakeholder and community engagement involved in my work. Plus dealing with my crazy family. And you know, sometimes all you need to do is listen to the other person whinge, let them get it all out and then acknowledge that they’re feeling shit. That’s all. And I’ve told hubby that this is all I want when I get into a mood.

Anyway, got up extra early today and left for work half an hour earlier than ususal as to avoid the mother-in-law. Yesterday she arrived at 6:45am to babysit todsy. We didn’t need her until 7:30am. Last night I had to ask her if she was carrying a bag of rubbish. Then told her to leave it instead of taking it home with her, along with the esky of food and drink that she brings as not to use our food and drink and inconvenience us.

I know, she’s doing us a favour (only partially, but I won’t go into that here too!), but she’s a lot to deal with! Especially when I’m feeling  a bit down.

Sorry for the pessimistic blog. Just not feeling it today!


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