Pros and cons of this cancelled transfer


  • No 2WW
  • I can eat and drink whatever I want until my next Day 1 (Hello second coffee! I know, so hardcore, right? Or so not hardcore, given that the doc gave me the all clear to have up to two coffees a day anyway.)
  • No having to try to hide the fact that I am (technically) pregnant from family, which would have been particularly difficult for me to do over the next few weeks as I’m helping my parents do the heavy lifting this Sunday for their house move and we’ve got a few big family dos (and lots of pregnancy-food-no-nos coming up).
  • Gives me at least one more month to try to secure my current job permanently
  • Still have two healthy embryos in the bank


  • No transfer
  • No “instant pregnancy”, even if it’s a 2WW pregnancy
  • Impending period
  • Got to wait for next Day 1
  • Need to carry on with life (at work and socially) as if there is nothing wrong, even though I am sad
  • Another round of injections for the next transfer attempt

I guess this time around I’m actually not that sad. I almost have no feeling. Is that a worse emotional state to be in? When you’ve had 3 years of setbacks, as we have had, you kind of just approach the whole thing in a very clinical way. Coz seriously, life has to move on. IVF just becomes another “task” that you do as part of your daily life.

So, I guess it’s not so bad. I’ll get pregnant when I do, and when I do I can start doing pregnancy fun things, like, buying teeny tiny baby clothes and sustainable organic cotton wraps, planning out the 1st b’day party, getting hubby to drive out a wee hours to buy me chicken nuggets. It’ll be great!


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