Transfer #4 – attempt 2 – cancelled :(

It’s return to school and germ season. I have hand, foot and mouth disease. For some reason I am one of those adults who can’t develop an immunity to it. I suspect that I got it from my nephew last week. He’s about 1.5 years into childcare, so still in that germy-runny-nose phase.

Anyway, my transfer was scheduled for this Thursday. I even had it specifically scheduled for Thursday, because I had an all day site visit on the Wednesday.

I started feeling sick on Saturday – sore throat and stuffy nose. Blisters appeared over the next few days. I rang the doc today, who said that we definitely need to cancel it. So all over. Again.

Site visit also cancelled as tomorrow is forecast to be 41 degrees Celsius – to hot to spend 6 hours trekking around the paddocks. Now I’m trying to decide whether to stay home or not. Problem is, we had already organised for the MIL to care for bubsy. And believe me, it is far too much of a drama to cancel on her. And I don’t want to “relax” at home with her around. It would not be relaxing.

Anyway, I don’t seem to feel sad. I guess I suspected that the transfer would be cancelled for a couple of days now. And seriously, when you’ve had this many setbacks, a transfer cancellation does not seem like an issue at all!

Guess I definitely won’t have a second baby with the same birthday as me.




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