Gonal for the whole way

Right. I’m on day 4 of injections. First time on Gonal F. I have headaches, sore throat and a stuffy nose. I feel nauseous in stuffy rooms. Bubsy has croup. Do I have some adult version of the viral-ey croup, or do I have Gonal F side effects? It doesn’t matter really.

So in two days time I have a scan and then hopefully my EC gets scheduled in for next week. At the same time I’m waiting for them to tell me to jump at work. We’re meant to be in a consultation phase for a fairly high profile job, so it’s getting busy. But after two years of failed IVF cycles, I now adopt the “let life and IVF” coexist attitude – neither is to stop the other. So, if I have to do an EC the day I’m meant to go out and consult then so be it. At the same time I’m not going to pull back at work because of anticipated IVF stuff. This attitude has made life a lot easier for me over the past year πŸ™‚

And did I tell you? We adopted a dog two weeks ago.

Two years ago we were definitely holding back on everything in life because we were waiting for IVF to work. That kind of approach to life definitely made things much more stressful and unfulfilling.So anyway, see how we go this time. Fingers crossed that it goes well. But just taking it one day at a time.



4 thoughts on “Gonal for the whole way

  1. Ohhhhhhhh sounds an awful lot like my 3rd & successful ivf round! I did gonal f for the first time, I went straight from transfer to acupuncture then back to several hours of meetings followed by an important industry networking event, and the next entire day at a conference (no bed rest). I had applied for a really interesting job opportunity a few weeks before I knew my cycle would be starting, as I felt I no longer wanted to plan around ttc, and I started interviewing for it sight around beta time. By the time I got the job offer & went for contract signing I was close to going for the viability ultrasound. Sometimes things work in strange ways. I wish you a very successful final round AND to get the job you aim for! Xx

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  2. Thanks! I’m just cruising through life at the moment. It’s nice. After my last failed round I started ramping up the work to push for a promotion. I was tired of swinging between not really trying hard enough at work and not getting anywhere and being annoyed that nothing was happening on the IVF front either. Told my bestie about my new life approach and then she adopted it too! And went and bought a new bed, which they’d been holding off on as they weren’t sure if they were going to be moving house. Hehe, a bit off topic, but we’re both happier πŸ™‚

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    • Totally makes a difference, I believe! I felt so much stress lift away when I stopped feeling like I was letting it decide my future, rather than just getting on with things. We put too much of our lives on hold for this shit. It can’t be healthy!


  3. Thanks for sharing! I have put of career changes the last year for fear of rocking the boat, but now that IVF is approaching I just wonder if the keep-stress-low approach makes any difference. Best of luck to you!


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