Day 1 – but no EC – but Noosa


Well today is definitely Day 1. I rang the PDG nurses, who confirmed that they just have absolutely no availability this month to do an EC. But that’s fine, if they did, I would’ve had to take the drugs away with me (in a cooler bag with ice, on a plane), store them in the fridge in the holiday house we’re staying at with my entire family (including my parents and my brother and his family), fend off questions about what we were doing (which would be particularly difficult as we’re not telling anyone what we’re up to any more due to difficult past experiences – mums!), and have a scan as soon as I stepped off the plane when we got back! I have a feeling that we wouldn’t have been able to get to the clinic in time…

Anyway, the nurse I spoke to was lovely. She’s booked me in for a tentative EC in November – based on my assumed cycle! I hope I got it right! And one of the good news stories out of this is, as we’re doing a no-pill cycle, I’d only need to do five days of injections – bonus!

So that’s it. Signing off now to go enjoy my holiday. See you next month!



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