I must rant!

Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, we asked the MIL to take care of bubsy. Why had there been a bit of a hiatus with her care? Well, because she makes bad decisions. Class example: last time we let (noted – pointed use of word “let”) her take care of bubsy, she drove in back to our house with him sitting in a baby car seat. I kid you f’n not! Baby car seat is small. Bubsy is FOUR! He is TALL. In fact, he is TALL FOR HIS AGE! He was lying down in the baby car seat (coz you know, that’s how they’re designed, as babies can’t sit up) with his head hanging over the top of it. So basically his neck rested on the top of the car seat (the baby one) and his head was lying down flat.

I did not lose it that time. But we did go out and buy a proper toddler car seat for the MIL and left it at her house and told her to get it changed over (she won’t let us do it for her). Because, you know, she also cares for our toddler nieces and drives them around. Speaking of which, what the hell is wrong with the SIL? She knows what her mother has in her car and she has no problem with her driving her kids around with inappropriate seating that provides absolutely no head and neck support? I ain’t no pessimist, but let’s do a risk analysis. Chance of a car crash = low to moderate; potential consequence with child seated inappropriately = death! Acceptance of risk? Nil!

Does the MIL see an issue with this? No. Has she changed the seat over in the past 2 months that she’s had the new seat in possession? No. Why? Because, according to her, Niece 1 will be out of her booster seat in January, which is only a couple of months away (last time I checked, there’s still quite a few months until the new year), at which time Niece 2 can go in the booster seat. Firstly, no. Niece 1 is currently 6 and much taller than Niece 2. Niece 2 is 3 and can not go into the big booster seat in January. And if you follow our domestic guidelines, Niece 1 should not get out of the booster seat until she is 145cm tall. She… is… not… going… to… be… 145cm… tall… come… January.

Ok, sorry, I went a bit off topic. So, based on decisions such as the above, we no longer let the MIL take care of bubsy. And it’s not just that, there’s heaps of other issues, none of which are our doing. Yes, this is one side of the story, but it’s my blog after all.

Yesterday, we let MIL take care of bubsy on the condition that she come to our house, keeps him indoor all day and does not take him in the car. The last statement might be redundant, but we really had to emphasise the point. I left the house at 7am as to avoid seeing the MIL first thing in the morning. You might think that that seems petty and stupid, but I’m not a morning person. And there are some people that I definitely don’t want to see in the morning.

All day I was imagining what the MIL would’ve brought around to our house. My predictions were:

  • carton of milk
  • bread
  • fruit
  • newspaper
  • snacks and lunch for bubsy
  • teabags

When I returned home, we invited the MIL to come out with us for cheap dinner, she said no, no, no. [Why????? It was 6pm, we all had to eat, why not just eat with us before heading home?] Things the MIL had left:

  • carton of milk, opened, despite the fact that we had an opened bottle of milk in the fridge
  • a loaf of bread, opened, despite the fact that we had a loaf of bread sitting on our bench
  • two apples and two orange (in addition to the fruit she gave to bubsy during the day)
  • a newspaper

She let me know that bubsy ate carrots, potatoes and broccoli for lunch. Aside from broccoli, we had those in the house. Not that she used ours. I don’t know if she brought her own teabags, but she certainly didn’t use any of ours, and she’s a massive tea drinker. She left the house with her cooler bag and handbag and other huge plastic bag. I noted that there was no rubbish in our bin whatsoever (it was a fresh bag that morning), despite the fact that she had peeled the veggies to make lunch.

What – is – wrong – with – her? Who does BYO milk and bread, and fruit and lunch and teabags, to someone else’s house? Who takes their rubbish with them instead of putting it in the bin? Seriously, wtf is wrong with her?

You know what her thinking is? She does not want to inconvenience us in any way, financially or personally. But she takes it to the extreme, to the point where it is crazy, stupid and just not right. Using our milk, when we’ve asked you to come take care of bubsy, is not intrusive or an inconvenience. I expect you to drink all of our drinks, eat all of our food and to use our frickin’ bin! Omg, do you think she brought along her own toilet paper and took any used ones home too?

Rant over.

Thanks for listening.


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