Round 5: what now?

Okaaay…. so I had my egg collection last Tuesday, 14 eggs collected. No embryo transfer was scheduled as the doctor was worried that I might get OHSS due to the increased meds. If anything, I think this has been my best recovery from the past 6 surgeries that I’ve had – I’ve had absolutely no pains in my abs and apart from a bit of discomfort when, well, let’s just say, there’s an internal pressure change, I’ve been good! And today, well, as of a few minutes ago, it appears that my period has just started. That would explain a lot! Like, the fact that I can’t sleep for starters, that I haven’t been able to calm my mind for days, that I’ve been binging on chocolate since the surgery (after being so good for months!) and that I had an absolute meltdown two days ago over hubby’s CV!

So… does that mean I can call up my PDG nurses and report on my day 1 to schedule in a frozen embryo transfer? But of course they haven’t even been able to tell me how many good embryos I have yet as it’s not day 5 until Sunday. And as of about a month ago the clinic has ceased their Sunday office opening, which means no one will call me until at least Monday. And do they normally call you to tell you about your embies’ development when you’re not going to do a fresh transfer? I assume they would, and I guess there’s nothing stopping me from calling them. So many questions!

But taking a step back, is this even my period? I mean, it sure feels like it (now that I suspect that it is), or is this just some post surgery bleeding? But the surgery was four days ago now. Is it normal to get a period so soon? My last one was only 19 days ago or so. I guess that could work. But I normally have a 30+ days cycle. Arghhhhh! I need answers!

Aside from that: a Chinese gender prediction calendar says that we’re going to have a girl next (did I just totally jinx my chances of having a baby now that I’ve voiced that? The rational part of me says no, the irrational part says that I’ve totally stuffed it up!), we’ve scheduled in 3 separate celebrations for bubsy’s upcoming b’day (with hubby’s family, my family and his playgroup  – funnily enough, we haven’t thought about what to do on his actual b’day!), had lunch with my 88 years old grandma today for the first time in ages (yes, I feel bad that I haven’t seen her in so long), I don’t know what’s going on with the new re-structure at my work (I haven’t been called in to be told that I don’t have a job…) and I’m up to book 4 of my re-read of the Princess Diaries.

I’ll keep you updated!

Peace out!


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