Round 5 – eggs collected!

Fourteen eggs collected today. Feels like it’s a good number. I’m recovering relatively well too (I have 4 other egg collections and 1 hysteroscopy to compare it to!). So that’s about it. I’m going to take it really easy today. So far post-surgery I’ve watched Ellen videos on youtube, eaten a bread twist from Bakers Delight, drunk tea and slept. My current plan is to drink more tea, google and read a book – all in bed!

Not sure if I’ve mentioned my mum and her thoughts on IVF before? But I had another mini-run in with her yesterday. To provide some background, some comments that I’ve had from my mum before are:

– Oh, [your grandmother’s GP’s wife] says that you’re too young to be doing IVF.

– Why don’t you just have a baby naturally, test the foetus and abort it if it’s affected, like your brother and sister-in-law? ** They deal with a completely different kettle of fish! **

– Oh, how much have you spent on it so far?

– Why is it taking so long?

Look, I love my mum, but she just doesn’t have a clue when it comes to IVF. And I’m not saying that everyone does have a clue, but you’d think that after two years she’d come to realise that things are not working out for us the way we were hoping it to.

Over the past year I’ve just kind of stopped telling her anything about where we’re at and what we’re up to. But occasionally I have to tell her bits and pieces when it affects our usual routine. For example, I had to tell my mum that I wouldn’t be driving Bubsy out to her this Wednesday morning as I usually do as I’d be at home recovering from surgery. So my mum’s question was, “Well is this it? Is this when they put the embryo back into you?”


I’ve explained to my mum why we’re doing IVF, but she just forgets the details around it. Hence, dot points one and two above, and her need to voice these irrelevant opinions to me. I’ve explained to my mum that hubby’s condition is degenerative and that it’s not expected to get better and why we don’t do overseas travel, drink alcohol or caffeine or put ourselves in strenuous circumstances. But again, my mum forgets, and will then say things like, “Oh, did you see the sale fares to Singapore? … Why can’t you go? Your hubby’s been looking really well lately” or “Can’t he have even just a tiny bit of coffee?” There’s a reason why hubby does look so well – we take really good care of ourselves!! AND! We follow his doctor’s instructions!

Anyway, so my plans beyond today are: get better, wait for period, call up and schedule in a FET.

Fingers crossed!


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