Round 5 – Day 9

One more injection to go (for the now…). I have to take it in 4 hours. Here’s hoping that I wake up to do it! Because it it currently 3am and I’ve been awake since 2am. Is it the drugs causing insomnia? Or me stupidly having two coffees yesterday morning and heaps of sugar in a dessert heavy meal last night? Or MSG in the awesome chicken pie? Who knows…

At my last scan, 2 days ago, the doc (not my usual counted 8 follicles in one ovary and 6 in the other. So, all in all, this double dose of drugs hasn’t seemed to increased the number of follicles like it’s meant to. Or does the double does increase the quality of the eggs? So many questions, so many hours of this night still to go – no answers.

Time to find something incredibly mundane to do so that I hopefully fall asleep again!


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