Fetal heart block and tears

I had another information overload/stress cry today. I saw a specialist on a referral from my IVF doc, after my last bloods came up with a few surprises. The specialist said that there were three potential issues that could affect my offspring:

1. Dry eyes

2. Rashes (that would go away after a few months following birth)

3. Heart block (1% chance)

But as my first child is free from any of the above, it’s likely that in the next pregnancy there would be no issue. But if there were a heart block issue, it could be treated with a pacemaker. That’s when the tears came – the thought of there being a 1% chance that a child of mine would develop another heart condition that would need pacing.

I know it’s a low number, but I feel like our family has a tendency to sit in those <1% chance of this happening or that happening. And I know it’s not a rational thought, but two years of IVF set backs does not exactly make it easier for me to deal with more bad news – even if it’s just a potential for bad news.

Anyway, nothing for us to do about it now. But when I am pregnant (fingers crossed), we’ll have to do either weekly or fortnightly ultrasounds from 20 weeks onwards to monitor the fetal heart beat. So it’s still all in the distant future. I’m sure the surprise and shock from all this will dissipate over the next few days (to rear it’s ugly head again when I am pregnant!).

I was meant to be the physically healthy one with no worries about handing down genes.

Four more days until Aunty Flo arrives. Counting down.



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