Back on track

Ok, on my next Day 1 I will call the PDG nurses to start my next (and 5th) IVF cycle.

I went to see the Doc today to get my hysteroscopy test results. She asked, “Want to see some pictures?”

I said, “Um, ok,” and then sat there with an eww expression on my face for the next couple of minutes. The one-sided conversation went a bit like this, “That’s your uterus, that’s just a bit of fluffy stuff, that’s normal. That’s your cervix, looking good. Those are the entries to your fallopian tubes.”

I wonder if I ever chose to work in the medical field if I’d get over seeing, what I consider to be, gross pictures. We’ll never know! Because I don’t plan on trying it out!

The Doc also did then tell me that my blood tests came back with some irregularities that she can ignore. Fertility wise, it sounds fine, she’s going to give me blood thinners for my next post-FET (more daily injections!). General health wise, she’s referred me to go see a specialist physician.


Another doctor to see!

Meanwhile, still waiting on the geneticist to call us in with bubsy to swab his cheeks!

But all in all, we’re doing well. Since our last failed round, we’ve adopted a different attitude to everything. Attitude now is more or less, we’re going to have a baby sooner or later, who cares when it happens, in the meantime we just have to keep moving on with life. Hence, we’ve bought a new house, just booked a holiday (a family one! As in, my parents and my brother’s family! Yeep!) and I’m pursuing a promotion at work again with renewed vigour!

Life is good!


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