Bobbing pineapples

I did something bad. I don’t know how bad. The only people that it will affect though is just me and hubby.

So, I’ve seen a few twins pop up on the IVF blogosphere, so now I’ve got it in my head that we will be having twins. Girl twins. I know, I know, stupid! But it’s just something to pass the time with. I mean, I could find something else to keep me preoccupied, but I’ve decided on this. Or it chose me. Whatever.

Anyway, so I came up with a cool name that I just knew hubby would love. I told him last night. He thinks that it’s totally ace! And then I said, but what if we have twins? And we immediately came up with another name (that we’ve previously discussed).

It’s hard for us to settle on names. We only ever agreed on one last time. One is all you need I guess.

If we don’t have twins and we don’t have girls, it’s fine. We’ll be happy with any kind of healthy baby!

So, “bobbing pineapples”, that’s cryptic clue to name #1! There might be some cultural nuances in it that not everyone across the globe would get. I’m not sure. But guesses, anyone?


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