Funny (not ha-ha) people

Firstly, there’s a lady in my office who has a little beagle with her all the time, with a special coat on the dog that says she’s a special medical dog (and to not pat her!). This little beagle can help detect when the lady is about to have an epileptic fit and give her warning. Apparently there was a big hoo-ha when she first wanted to bring the dog in with building management. But the good guys won and the dog stayed.

So someone brought up the topic of this lady and her dog and was all, “What is this?” I explained the whole epilepsy thing and he was like, “If she’s going to have a fit, she’s going to have a fit. Having the dog there won’t change anything!”

When I meet people like that I think, ‘Gee, you’re a dumbarse!’ And then I also think, ‘You are so lucky to not have any familiarity with these issues.’ Fits mean falls, falls can mean a hit on the head, or perhaps falling into a glass table, or perhaps tumbling down stairs. Fits are not good. Falls are not good. Some pre-warning can let the person put themselves into a safe position first. Dumb arse!

Secondly, a somewhat odd thing happened. My friend tagged me in a post with a link to the top suburbs for infidelity, of which the suburb I am moving into is ranked #1. Her exact words were, “Watch out!” WTF?! Am I being a bit sensitive given that I am (obviously) PMS-ing? I just find it a really odd thing to do! I mean, is she saying that I need to watch out for creepy people of [that suburb] trying to start an affair with me? Or that the housewives of [that suburb] need to watch out because I’m arriving soon? Or is she saying that I need to keep a close tab on hubby? It was strange. She’s a good friend of mine. I don’t know what was going through her head. I untagged myself from the post!


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