Ohhhh… so annoyed

I got the timing wrong. Either that or my body decided to mix things up. So my original hysterscopy was scheduled in from one week from now, but then I worked out that AF would be in the middle of her visit and so we brought it forward by a week. Now it seems that AF has come knocking on my door a few days early (like, 3!) and that she may make herself known by tomorrow morning. My procedure is scheduled for 2pm tomorrow afternoon! So annoyed!

So now I’ll have to call the doc’s office tomorrow morning (at least they open at 7am) to sort out whether I can still have the procedure done or not. Dr Google tells me that they’re best in the first week after AF leaves. One of Dr Google’s assistants mentioned that if AF has only just arrived, it’s still possible to do it. I don’t know what my doc’s views on it are, but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow morning.

How annoying!!!!!


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