Here’s a new one for me – hysteroscopy

So I’m going in for my hysteroscopy tomorrow. It’s not until 2pm, so I’m going to go to work in the morning. I’m also not meant to eat or drink anything from 7am onwards and that morning I’m only allowed a light breakfast. Hopefully work is so exciting and eventful that I won’t notice any hunger and thirst. Unlikely.

This week has not been without drama though. Hubby had a bit of a turn at work, nothing too bad. He just felt momentarily ill, but enough to send himself straight to his specialist. They couldn’t find anything wrong with him, so told him to take it easy until his next scheduled appointment, which brought us back to reality. Hubby’s due for some maintenance, but serious, surgery in a few months. We won’t find out when until his next specialist appointment, but now the race is on to get my next egg collection done before Hubby has his surgery, as he will probably take at least a month to recover well enough to start taking care of himself, and then more time to completely recover. I mean, if we can’t get my egg collection done soon, I imagine we might not be able to get it done for another 4-6 months. And if that’s the case, then that’s the case. But you know, I’d prefer to have embies in the bank ready to use as soon as we can.

It’s the never ending waiting game.


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