Filterless aunt strikes again!

This one aunt. She drives me nuts! Check out her previous work.

Anyway, we had a big family do a few weeks back. Filterless Aunt popped over to chat to me. A lot of spittle flew from her mouth. I don’t think she noticed me wiping my face multiple times at all.

After boring me with the travel plans of her entire family for the next 12 months, she did the, “Oh, so are you going to have another one?”

I said, “Oh, we’re very happy with our lifestyle at the moment.”

Then! She launched into, and I kid you not, “Well, Amy and Adam [names changed!] are trying for a baby now. So Amy went to the doctor and the doctor told her that she’s too fat and that she needs to lose 10kg to have a baby. So she’s trying Lite ‘n’ Easy.”

Ok, firstly, I don’t think Amy wants her trying for a baby to be public knowledge. And I definitely don’t think that she wants her doctor visit to be made public. And I’m 100% sure that the doctor did not say that “she’s too fat” and that she needs to “lose 10kg to have a baby.” Omg! Made me so angry on behalf of Amy and everyone who has dumb arse family that misinterpret information and then feel the need to tell anyone and everyone!

Anyway, so Hubby throws in as a barb to Filterless Aunt, “Well, what about Adam, does he need to lose weight?” Fortunately, or unfortunately, Filterless Aunt is not only filterless, but also has no ‘You’re a dick!’ radar. So her response was, “Oh, Adam’s already lost 3kg. He’s fine. It’s just Amy who needs to do Lite ‘n’ Easy.”

People like her make me so angry!



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